Sanctumonius: A KeyForge Podcast

Episode 24: What Happened in Vegas with Justin Kirkman

October 15, 2019

Archons of the Crucible,

A dark cloud rose in the west, and its specter has hung over the KeyForge community for some days. There is only one knight who can dispell this dark force, a chosen one... a Key Man. Could it be that this true hero is the one, who himself is most afflicted by this darkness? Welcome, this knight, Sir Kirkman the Keyman (Justin Kirkman) into the castle for the first time. Therein he will join forces with our sanctified co-hosts to reflect on this trying time so that we might move forward together into a brighter tomorrow. Today, Archons, we call on you to be the force that moves this land towards good and not evil. To open doors, not close them. And to do that, you'll need keys, so start forging them! 

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