Sanctumonius: A KeyForge Podcast

Episode 20: Top 4 at Vault Tour Collinsville! Featuring special guest Daniel Smith.

September 16, 2019

Archons of the Crucible,

From our humble beginnings of descending from our castle on high to impart weekly knowledge and wisdom to all the crucible, the knights of Sanctumonius now reach the glorious benchmark of twenty episodes. In this special episode, the knights recount the Vault Tour in Collinsville, where three members of the Sanctumonius communiTEAM fought their way to top 8. Furthermore, half of the top 4 are featured on this very episode! Speaking of, welcome special guest Daniel Smith into the castle. If that wasn't enough, artists of Sanctumonius have come together to forge new playmats for those who want to represent Sanctumonius with a playmat more in keeping with their personal style and identity. You can get yours smithed today at Inked Gaming to style on your opponent while, as always, you forge those keys!

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